Super Contra (Contra 2): Legendary Runner-Up

Super C Helped Shape The Franchise

Found right between two most legendary titles from Contra series, Super C never got the chance to become widely known as either of those titles. Having original Contra game as it’s predecessor and Contra III: The Alien Wars coming right after it, it’s kind of understandable why it went “unseen”. One more reason for this is lack of innovation since developers didn’t come up with lots of new stuff compared to the original. However there are few changes worth mentioning, like more sophisticated graphic and introduction of top-down perspective stages. The truth is that Super C is still memorable game that gave us endless hours fun. Adventurous, bullet-fest, run-and-gun gameplay which can never go wrong, especially in co-op mode. I’m sure you all know that each and every game from the series is just more fun played in pair.

Super c gameplay

Rare opportunity to go sneaky! Let those Greeders pass by.

Did “Lack” Of Innovation Impacted The Gameplay?

Unfortunately Super C, also known as Probotector in Europe, is recognized by lack or difficulty. It’s much easier to beat than original Contra game from 1987. It will turn out that future games from the series won’t be any easier, thus Contra 2 most certainly holds the top spot (or the bottom). Konami tried to make it harder by reducing Konami lives code to only 10, compared to 30 in the rest of the games. It most certainly takes more skill to beat Red Falcon army, but that’s not something that will stop Bill and Lance in their tracks. Aliens have possessed ┬áthe minds of the world’s most major armies, which puts two well known characters in the heat of the action. Being pitted against mechanical soldiers and alien-inspired foes through eight stages is not going to be an easy task. Add bosses on top of that which are not leaders of such a strong army for no reason and you will get well packed action-adventure! Already mentioned, this all looks like original Contra title, from characters and bosses, to machine guns and flamethrowers, but there are few details that got more attention of developers. Flamethrower for example, it’s a little bit different from the original since it fires spherical ball instead of swirling shot of smaller fire balls.

What are the other apparent features that changed? We concluded that enemies and protagonists are styled the same as well as Bill and Lance with their guns. So where does Super C find its own individuality? The short answer would be design/style, challenge and top-down perspective in two stages. I really liked those two stages since it has brought something unseen by that time when it comes to this series. Now, since this is a review we won’t stick just with the short answer but we’ll go through these apparent features one-by-one. The bird view reminded me of Ikari Warriors or Jackal, where you gave up ability to jump in favor of moving in eight directions. It was nice to stop the endless running for a while and go around slowly taking on aliens. Design-wise you won’t see much of a change at first. However, more attention has been paid to details and big addition are inclined slopes. In the original game it was just a straight run until the end of the stage, where in Super C more dynamic has been added. Last, speaking of challenge you’ll have to take more care otherwise you’ll be seeing the Game Over screen too often.

It Deserved More Attention

Super C is a suitable sequel to its superior shooter predecessor and I see it really unfair that it’s overlooked as it is. It’s needless to say that more could have been done, but the game still provided endless hours of fun. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the same kind of wide-reaching nostalgic feeling as the original. In the end, Super C still does follow-up on the run-and-gun bullet-fest formula which is core of Contra series, and thus it can’t be wrong. What do you think about Super Contra? In case you haven’t tried it yet we have ROM File ready for you to download an give it a go. Make sure to share your thoughts!