7 Best SEGA Genesis Co-Op Games

Team Up For Memorable SEGA Classics

I’m sure you all remember endless hours of fun we used to spend playing SEGA multiplayer games. Sitting in front of the TV with either your siblings or friends and enjoying everything SEGA had to offer. Numerous titles from this era made it into the hall of fame when it comes to gaming. Narrowing this list to just 7 games wasn’t an easy task, but there are titles that stand out. Based on community feedback and various other factors we bring you best SEGA multiplayer games you can still play with your friends thanks to emulators.

1. Golden Axe 

Golden Axe SEGA multiplayer games footage

Golden Axe, released in 1989 for the Genesis/Mega Drive is a side scrolling Beat ‘em up set in the land of Yuria, Which shares similarities to the land of Conan the Barbarian with high fantasy and medieval themes. The story is simple: Death Adder kidnaps the King and Princess, and holds them hostage until the people of the land of Yuria bow down to him. It is up to three warriors who set out to take revenge on Death Adder, and try to save the Kingdom from evil ruling. Gilius Thunderhead; an Axe wielding dwarf from the caverns of Would, seeking revenge of the murder of his twin brother; Ax Battler, seeking to kill Death Adder for killing his mothe; and Tyris Flare, the last Longsword-weilding Amazon who wished to defeat Death Adder for killing both of her parents. This is just a tragic circle of revenge. They go off slaying Death Adder’s henchmen, and save the kingdom. The game was well received, reaching #2 in UK sales charts, right behind the Ninjas in a half shell, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It also went off and received “Top 50 PC games ever” from PC Format. Need more reasons to give it a try?

2. ToeJam and Earl

ToeJam and Earl SEGA Gameplay Footage

ToeJam and Earl, hitting shelves in 1991, is about two aliens who crash land on Earth. First thing to mention is that they’re rappers! You travel around the planet collecting parts of your ship while assuming control of either protagonist. ToeJam is a slim, red alien with 3 feet, a backwards baseball cap and a gold chain around his neck, while Earl is a… Larger, tan alien who wears what appears to be swimming trunks and shades. The game is known for being a surreal comic satire, and makes fun of Earth life. Both of our heros perfectly represent 90s style of rapper clothing, and speak in a southern Californian accent. The crash of your spaceship is assumed to be because of Earl, and you need to get back to Funkotron, your home planet consisting of other rapping hipster aliens. The franchise saw 3 official SEGA releases, and a fourth release that came out thanks to campaign funded by Kickstarter funds, without SEGA in the picture. To play SEGA version you can make use of our partnership with ROM Central and download ToeJam and Earl for free.

3. Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes SEGA Gameplay Footage

A run and gun made by Ex-employees of Konami, Gunstar Heroes is centered around the Gunstars, a pair of twins siblings family members people who are fighting evil forces from getting 4 powerful gems. They shoot guns acrobatically and can combine any of the four weapons to create different shot patterns to effectively execute enemies. The game plays like Contra with its side scrolling style, but Gunstar Heroes has an option for fixed firing position or free movement fire. Nice addition which you should definitely get your attention. Thanks to the power of the Genesis, the Treasure team could make multi-limbed enemies possible. The team behind the game were originally part of Konami until they decided on not having the game. The team behind the game said screw this and formed Treasure, a developing company that lasted up to 2014, running 21 years. The Gunstar Heroes did see a sequel, however. Gunstar Super Heroes for the GBA was released in 2005.

4. Contra: Hard Corps

Contra Hard Corps Multiplayer gameplay footage

One of the many installments of the Contra franchise, Contra: HC came out in 1994, being the first of the franchise to be released for the Genesis. Known for its side scrolling, run and gun action, Contra:HC Is a fine addition to the series. In the NA release, the game was made harder, by giving limited retries, 3 hits before losing a life, and the lack of a life meter. There are new additions to the game (using C3 as a reference) including 4 characters, a new story, a new corps, and cutscenes to progress the story. Also, the game has been formatted to the 3 buttons on the controller. You play as either Ray Poward, a male soldier; female soldier named Sheena Etranzi; Brad Fang, a wolf-like humanoid with two cybernetic arms; or Browny, a small robot capable of hovering. You fight robots to save civilians and battle bosses at the end of each level. The game splits into one of 4 endings, 5 if you count the secret ending. Think you’re ready for some Contra action? We prepared Contra: Hard Corps ROM for you which is available for free download.

5. Sunset Riders

Sunset Riders gameplay

Sunset Riders is a side scrolling Run and Gun developed and released by Konami. Released in 1991, Sunset Riders takes place in the wild wild west, as you, one of four bounty hunters, kill the wanted criminals to protect the town. You can choose to be Steve, Billy Cool, both of which wield revolvers; Bob, the shotgunner; and Cormaro Wild, the rifleman. There are a large handful of Wanted Outlaws, in which several reappear throughout the game. The game was well received, earning several scores around 80%. It’s also ranked 88th best SNES game, and a 7/10 as a Genesis Port. Typical pickup and play type of game. Don’t wait for the pickup as we dropped ROM file for free.

6. Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Zombies Ate My Neighbors SEGA gameplay

Zombies Ate My Neighbors (ZAMN) is another game published by Konami, but Developed by LucasArts, and released for both the SNES and MegaDrive/Genesis Consoles in 1993. You and your co-pilot have the option to choose from Zeke and Julie in order to save the titular neighbors from the creatures of dead usually seen from the cinemas. An arsenal of guns and power-ups can be used to eliminate various enemies in every level. Various Elements and aspects of horror movies are implemented in the game. Some aspects are so violent, in Europe and Australia, the game is censored, and is simply known as “Zombies.” even though the game wasn’t a hit in sales, it was known for its graphical style, humor and deep gameplay. Definitely worth playing especially with free ROM download provided by ROM Central. A sequel was created in 1994 entitled Ghoul Patrol. There is a heavy amount of enemies and locations, ranging from malls and pyramids to castles and UFOs, all filled with several enemies including, of course, zombies. Each area has a maximum of ten neighbors that you need to save, each offering different amounts of points and extra lives. There are keys, weapons, health packs, potions, and so much more to pick up. The ZAMN engine would later be used in other games. The monsters are related to those in Friday the 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Even though it wasn’t received well at first, it later became a cult classic, topping multiple lists. It was referred to as a “A second rate horror movie version of Contra” by Corbie Dillard of Nintendolife.com. It had it’s sequel, and was even being made into a film by Insidious’ Director, John Darko.

7. TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist

TMNT The Hyperstone Heist

This TMNT title is a side scrolling Beat-’em-up based on the comic based on the heroes in a half shell. It all starts with April O’Neil, reporting from Liberty Island when all of a sudden, the island starts to shrink. Shredder then jacks the airways and tells the world this is only a sample of the Hyperstone’s power, in which is a treasure of Dimension X. with this dangerous element, the Turtles have no choice but to go after Shredder and stop him from taking over the world. The game features our favorite heroes, 5 stages, and a handful of our favorite comic baddies. The game is known for its great soundtrack, amazing and challenging AI, and fast gameplay. Screwattack has it in 19th place for top 20 Genesis games. Although it’s commonly dismissed as a clone of Turtles in time, it’s still one of the great beat-em-ups of the 16-bit era. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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Which game is your all time SEGA multiplayer favorite? Did you find it on the list? Share your thoughts in comments.