13 NES Multiplayer Classics That Never Get Old

6. Life Force (Salamander)

Life Force (Salamander) multiplayer gameplay footage

Are you ready to take on adventure with well known scrolling shooter brought to us by Konami. Proudly carrying the title for one of the best graphics the genre ever saw released on NES. It takes the basic foundations of Gradius which is easy to spot, but it adds a ton of new improvements which will push this game into the top of the list. Controls and audio didn’t miss out either. Fun but challenging shooter with unique multiplayer options and high level of difficulty. Konami code was coming to the rescue in this game quiet a lot. That shouldn’t scare you off as it’s much easier with a friend. Don’t miss out on Life Force as it’s a ton of fun to play especially in a co-op mode.

5. Battletoads

Battletoads multiplayer gameplay footage

Memorable for its shine during the sunset period of the NES, its difficulty is perhaps the biggest influence on its reputation among gaming community. Battletoads is a beast to complete! Regardless of that it had huge success which had the title soon ported across a number of platforms. It features beautiful visuals and great character design. Add a rocking soundtrack and innovative stages and you will get a game well worth your time. When Battletoads was released gaming industry transition to 16-bit era was in full swing. Not a best time to release a game for NES which was being replaced with SNES. However, publishers were aware of gamers still owning the “old” console and decided to give it a try. That try ended up with this legendary NES multiplayer classic we know today. Did we mentioned our partnership with ROM Central which resulted in free and safe download of Battletoads?

4. Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble multiplayer gameplay footage

Bub & Bob are all about the bubbles. They spit them, they pop them, they… Well they burst them all over the place. Well remembered by NES gaming community, these two fellas are on their way to save their girlfriends. That won’t be an easy job however, as there are 100 stages of increasing difficulty (yes, a hundred). It has one of the simplest gameplay and controls but that doesn’t make it boring by any means. Featuring huge variety of pickups, enemies, and power-ups it’s guaranteed to provide you with endless hours of fun. Fans of the long-running puzzle games will definitely love this game. The accessible and addictive gameplay make Bubble Bobble great choice for some co-op fun. Don’t hesitate to get the ROM and give it a try.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Arcade multiplayer gameplay footage

Anyone got a coin? Just kidding, we’ll talk about arcade version of the game today. It must be mentioned however that game has its origins as a coin-operated video game. This was in early 1989, where NES version followed by the end of same year. Side-scrolling beat-’em-up released by Konami provided us with endless hours with our favorite heroes. The gameplay and music are a bit shallow which is made up with extremely fun gaming experience. No need to mention it’s even better if played with a friend. This game is perfect fit for you if you’re a fan of TMNT series (and who isn’t). Dynamic game where action is not lacking so if you’re up for beat-’em-up adventure give it a go.

2. River City Ransom

River City Ransom multiplayer gameplay footage

Most iconic beat-’em-up game of all times in my opinion. Not just that you could go over the place and beat the hell out of villains but you had an option of picking up various weapons. Lead pipes, chains, brass knuckles and pretty much anything that could be found on the streets of River City and used as a weapon.  Visuals in the game are simple yet very well done. Animation might seem poor at the beginning where you can only perform a few moves. However, as you progress through the game and pick up money dropped by enemies, you can pay to “learn” additional moves. That’s when game animations come to the fore. The RPG elements, non-linear style of gameplay and plenty of fun to offer set this game on top of our list. If I could pick only 3 NES multiplayer games to play this would be one of them. Get the game yourself and find out why.

1. Contra (NES)

Contra NES gameplay footage

I just couldn’t resist putting Contra games two times on this list. There are many NES multiplayer games worth of mentioning, but Konami did such a good job with Contra series that having two games on this list was inevitable. I’m sure you all remember this famous run-and-gun side-scroller which was mind-blowingly fun, especially in co-op. Bringing that 8-bit charm with nice graphics and sound effects, Contra set the foundation for what is to become one of the greatest franchises of all time. Beside ultimate NES multiplayer experience game is famous for its ridiculous difficulty. Game is so hard that Konami presented famous Konami code which gives you 30 lives. Sometimes even that wasn’t enough. Don’t let that fact scare you off, as this game will provide you and your friends with endless hours of fun. As being largest website dedicated to Contra franchise we made sure you get the Contra experience you deserve. All you need to do is to navigate to Contra (NES) download page, get the game, call in a few friends and embark on bullet-fest adventure!

Team Up & Go For Unforgettable NES Multiplayer Experience

Making this list was true pleasure. It reminded me of some games that I’ve forgotten about long time ago. Needless to say how fun it was to play them again and get the glimpse of arcade games period. Pleasurable task, but there is so many great NES multiplayer games out there and compiling this list wasn’t easy. However, these games did stand out in the crowd. Some for their amazing graphics, other for sound effects and storyline and some for their overall gameplay experience.

Which game is your all time NES multiplayer favorite? Did you find it one the list? Let us know and share your thoughts in comments.