7 Konami NES Games You Just Have To Love

Best NES Classics Published By Konami

Started in the 80’s Konami has published numerous titles across all available platforms. Developers had their hands in all genres, from scrolling-shooters and platform jumpers to sport games. No matter which platform or genre you prefer, Konami made sure to reach out to every gamer out there. Chances you’ve played games published by this famous Japanese company are pretty high. With all that in play it’s really hard to pick favorites. However, there are games that stand out so we have chosen 7 best NES games published by Konami.

1. Castlevania

Castlevania gameplay footage

Original NES classic which set the foundation for what is to become one of the greatest franchises ever. Belmont armed with nothing more than whip and wit most certainly deserves top spot on this list. Game itself got somewhat inspiration in Dracula, which sets you against forces of pure evil. Ridiculously difficult stages where you slays bats, Mermen and other creatures from darkest fictions. Add catchy and atmospheric music to that and you’ll get some serious action game! Truth is that controls aren’t “that good” to say at least, which makes the game really difficult. There is however remake of the NES classic – Super Castlevania IV. It features 16-bit graphic and expanded play control for smooth gameplay. No matter which one you chose you can’t go wrong as Castlevania is a great throwback to the golden days of NES. Take advantage of our special partnership with ROM Central and download Castlevania for free.

2. Contra

Contra NES gameplay footage

How could list with best Konami NES games go without legendary Contra? Along with Castlevania Contra has set up the foundations for yet another legendary franchise. These two series just go with one another so that’s how we’re going to put them on our list. Konami have even published compilation of classics under the name Konami Collector’s Series: Castlevania & Contra. No need to say anything else on how these two games have marked an era. Taking the role of former villain, Bill Rizer, you’re set on adventure against aliens. With game being so intense and action-packed it’s always better to play with friend. Original Contra for NES introduced co-op mode which was rarity at that time. Team up with Lance and go against swarms of aliens and hard to beat bosses. If you think you’re ready for this bullet-fest adventure feel free to download it directly from our website. It’s free, fast and most importantly – secure!

3. Batman Returns

Batman Returns gameplay footage

Batman fans could enjoy playing games with their favorite character since the early 90’s. Released on both, NES and SNES Batman Return marketing was on the point. It’s not just that it was period of Konami’s SNES development but it was high point in Batman movie history as well. Double win! It doesn’t surprise why the game was so popular at the time and it still has the glory today. That “former glory” gave it a strong third spot on our list. Taking up against Catwoman and The Penguin, two most recognizable villains in the Batman franchise, you’re set to fight them in one-on-one showdown. You can either be fun of Batman, NES, Konami games or side-scrolling beat’em up genre this game will be perfect for you. If you found yourself to belong to any of these groups we got something you’ll like. Partnering with ROM Central we bring you free and secure high-speed download of this NES classic.

4. Tiny Toon Adventures

Tiny Toon Adventures gameplay footage

If I had to describe this game with one sentence it would be – It’s fun! Bringing cartoon feel and solid platforming into one great game. Not toe mention how Tiny Toon Adventures (cartoon) was popular at the time. This is yet another evidence of Konamis great marketing team. The game lacks the story but everything else is just perfect. Poor storyline doesn’t make much sense and it’s kind of non-existent through the gameplay. However gameplay is complimented by it’s fantastic graphics. Beautiful cartoon sprites and downright backdrops make game look very appealing. Music-wise I wouldn’t say anything more than: “We’re tiny, we’re toony, we’re all a little looney, It’s Tiny Toon Adventures, come and join the fun!” I’m sure you know that one even if you didn’t play the game. Endless hours of cartoony fun were enough to take fourth spot on the list. What are you waiting for? Download the ROM file & emulator and head out for tiny toon adventure!

5. Top Gun

Top Gun gameplay footage

Do I need to mention that game was released just one year after the legendary movie? Seems like marketing team found scheme which worked on every game. This was the first game that put you in the pilot role, where you flu mighty F-14 Tomcat. It can’t be considered flight simulator however as it is technically a rail shooter.  Throughout the game you’re placed in your cockpit flying over bright skies. Brightness not caused by nice weather but by swarming rockets and STA missiles unfortunately for you. This all happens in four missions of increasing difficulty. Various references from the movie make the game exciting but it’s far from taking the “iconic NES title”. What made this game unique is different approach to rail shooter genre which set the new standards. Our partnership with ROM Central has brought you free download of Top Gun so don’t wait but board that F-14 Tomcat!

6. Bill Elliott’s NASCAR Challenge

Bill Elliotts NASCAR Challenge gameplay footage

Published in 1991. it was first game to be licensed by NASCAR. With the arcade style on its peak this game brought something new to gaming. It was the first racing simulator if I can call it like that. Featuring first-person driving perspective backed up with real NASCAR experience. It did bring the freshness in the gaming world but unfortunately it didn’t attract larger audience. It was narrowly focused on realistic racing experience what apparently wasn’t so popular at the time. The game does delivers the experience it was aiming for however. It also serve as foundation for future NASCAR games and brings freshness to the arcade games era which puts it on our list. If you’re fan of the series you can’t go without playing this game. We got you covered as we teamed up with ROM Central to bring you secure NASCAR Challenge download.

7. Bucky O’Hare

Bucky O Hare gameplay footage

This list just couldn’t go without Bucky O’Hare. It really does take special place as it is one of my all-time favorites. Gameplay is very dynamic  and it showcases a wide variety of situations. Needless to say that amazing sprites and animation make game even better. Playing the game, or even just by looking you can tell the game inspired Jazz Jackrabbit at least in some way. Sure, there is TV series as well, but similarity is obvious. Nevertheless both games make true pleasure to play. Real fans of old-school platformers in case you’ve missed this one now it’s the perfect time to try it! We got free download ready for you so give it a go.

Honorable Mentions: Double Dribble (1987), Gradius (1986), Jackal (1988), The Lone Ranger (1991) and last but not least The Goonies (1986).

Ready – Set – Throwback

Are you ready for an retro throwback with these Konami NES games? It was really hard to pick just 7 out of numerous games this Japanese giant have published. However, based on our experience as well as retro gaming community feedback we’ve picked truly the best. Considering the time these games were published, you will need emulator in order to play them. We got you covered there so you can proceed to download any of our premium NES Emulators.

Make sure to leave comment and tell us which one is your favorite. Did you find it on the list?