Hard Corps: Uprising Is Contra In New Outfit

Are You Ready For Anime Themed Contra?

The game we’re talking about here is well known side-scrolling, bullet-fest 2D shooter just like the games from the series it’s based on. It will push your patience to the limit and test your reflexes like no game before. Actually, it will do that just same as Contra did since it plays like Contra. Art-wise, it doesn’t fit in typical Contra game style since Konami invited BlazBlue’s artist to work on game visuals. It looks like a brightly-colored anime, and for good reason since game fans were thrilled about new look. It pretty much is Contra in new outfit. However, no other game from outside Contra series can compare with Hard Corps: Uprising. This action-intensive shoot-’em-up will test your anger management ability as well as your reflexes.

Hard Corps: Uprising gameplay footage

Love challenging bosses? Uprising’s brutal battles will put you in your place.

What Did Hard Corps: Uprising Brought Us?

Storyline casts you in the role of  former villain,  Colonel Bahamut. He has now taken to battling an evil empire of soldiers and drones run by a futuristic dictator. If you are familiar with Contra franchise you know it’s all about the action rather than storyline. Hard Corps: Uprising is no exception. Beside a cool anime intro sequence, there’s no much cinematics through the gameplay. The story unfolds in brief text snippets during loading screens. The Contra series has always been about arcade-style action and this game is no exception. At the beginning of the gameplay you’re dropped into the fray with blazing guns and offered immediate action. First thing you know you are overrun by mechanical drones, nasty aliens and well trained soldiers. Already familiar gun power-ups such as rockets, lasers, machine guns and flamethrowers give you even more action and help you with boss battles at least little bit. Boss battles here are tough you know. Be ready to die very often since this is such a fast paced game and you’ll need practice. No matter how good reflexes you have, there will always be an soldier or alien to sneak-up on you.

There’s eight stages in the game and each of them is pretty long and time consuming, combined with minimal checkpoints and multiple boss battles. First level is hard task by itself and it might make you reconsider the game difficulty you’ve set up. Default Arcade mode is mostly for players that are familiar with Contra series and have played the game before. Very limited health and only three lives will test your ability to survive. Add very little extra abilities on top of that and you’ll get hell of a game. From our experience we might suggest you to start with rising mode since it’s much more manageable. There is bright side however. Even though you start out with limited health, few lives and some basic abilities every kill will earn you points. Spend them to unlock new power-ups which will come in handy for game progress. You can buy extra lives which is one of the best picks, beside various weapon enhancements. Additional continues, more health other crucial boosts are available as well. You can also play with your friend rather than alone since it will make this game much more fun and bit easier.Hard Corps: Uprising can be played  locally or online in two-player co-op mod.  There’s an downside to this however, since some of the platforming stages later in the game require careful communication and good timing for both players to make it through.

Hard Corps: Uprising gameplay and characters footage

Double the fun! Co-op mode adds more action to your gameplay.

Take On 2D Bullet-Fest Adventure

As mentioned earlier, levels are pretty lengthy, and just one or two checkpoints per level don’t make your life easier. Mid-stage boss battles are tricky as well. They’ll make you lose health half-way through the level. Boss encounters are at least to say spectacular and there are usually two or three per stage. Like they are not hard to beat enough, there’s often multiple versions for you to defeat before it goes down. Regular enemies are no joke either. Common enemies like drones and soldiers won’t do much harm to you, but Konami made sure to give you a struggle even here. You will encounter snipers from time to time, as well as plants that spew life-draining poison. Things get worse from here. In case you get tired from shooting (Why would you though, this is Contra game, right?), there will always be a tricky platform to pass in order to move to the next stage of the game.

We hope we didn’t scare you off since beside being so hard, Hard Corps: Uprising is a highly creative game that changes constantly and keeps you wake. Great innovation is that hand-drawn art style which has a nice impact and gives new life to classic run-and-gun gameplay. Other than just visuals  change through the stages, but they also differ in the way you play and beat them. You spend most of your time  battling away on train network, cruising down the river, if you can call it a “cruse”, riding a futuristic bike and rockets around galaxy. While it’ll probably be one of the games that make you angry, this Contra sequel rewards patient and skilled players with fun and fast-paced gameplay as well as action-soaked moments. If you are curious and want to know more about games from Contra series you can read about them on our website.