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Looking to download Contra SNES ROM? If your answer is positive Contra Central is right place for you! Playing video games is a big part of anyone’s childhood and Contra series, as one of the most popular run-and-gun video game series in the world, certainly left the mark. During the 90s, every video game lover has enjoyed one of the game in the series at least once.

The third part in the series, Contra 3: The Alien Wars or Contra Spirits was released in 1992. for the NES. In 2017, the creator company released Contra SNES ROM in the US as part of the SNES Classic Edition. You can read about all games from Contra series here.

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Contra III: The Alien Wars ROM

New Features in Contra SNES ROM

The NES platform provided the creators with unique and advanced technology which helped them improving the graphics, level design and added interactions.

The levels in the game were more complex than the previous two installments and there were added abilities and movements. Before the contra games only involved running and jumping but with this game, players could now indulge in motorcycle chases, missile rides, and the new top view mode.

The players have the option to lock the position of the protagonist which enables them to stay at one place and shoot at all the directions possible. Another added feature was the use of cheat codes.

The new feature of top view mode differed drastically from the arcade mode. While they had to constantly move forward in the standard mode, here everything from perspective to objectives as well as the gameplay changed.

While in the side-view mode, players had to move in a linear path shooting at enemies and then facing the boss at the end of the level. In the top view mode, players had to stay at one position, hitting a set of targets. After all the stages have been passed, the player faces the final enemy boss.

Release in Japan and US

The original Contra 3 was released in Japan and the USA on NES in 1992, Gameboy in 1994 and Gameboy Advance in 2004. Contra 3: The Alien Wars is one of the few selected games released on the NES platform in the North American countries.

The creator company released the game on the virtual console in Japan and North America in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Contra 3 was later made available on various other platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and personal computer in June 2019 and a special edition for the US and European countries.

Reception and Legacy

Contra 3 was acclaimed by critics and gamers alike for its use of technology, improved visual effects, and more mature and complex gameplay. It was lauded for having smooth and breathtaking action in a shorter time span.

It was considered to be the best game in the NES trilogy and the series (at the time). Praised for giving attention to details which didn’t matter in a run and gun video game like the story, the weapons, and the enemy bosses.

The energy provided by Contra ROM NES was unlike any other game at the time and was considered to be an achievement in action games and gaming in general.

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Contra III: The Alien Wars ROM