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Looking to download Contra NES ROM? As a largest online community dedicated to Contra franchise, we got you covered! Nearly everyone has played classic 8-bit video games as a child. However with the advancement of technology gaming industry also evolved where video games got advanced in so many ways. If you ever played any game on SEGA for example, or good old PlayStation 1 you know what I’m talking about. I can’t say I’m not glad for those advancements, but sometimes I really feel like playing good old retro styled game. We can all agree that Contra series literally stands for retro, so there’s no better option to go with then Contra NES ROM.

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Contra NES ROM

What to do if you want to play your once favorite but old video game like Contra now on the modern PC’s? The answer is emulator such as NES ROM which enables you to play your favorite games like Contra with ease. Emulators are the programs that create environment of video game console on the computers. The data of the game file is supplied to the emulators by means of a ROM file.

Contra for NES

Contra NES gameplay footage

Contra for NES was released in 1988. There is a slight difference between the arcade version and Contra NES ROM. This version of Contra contains eight stages as compared to the ten stages of the arcade version. Core segments are now boss battles rather than individual stages as in was the case in arcade version.

So, the story began from the year 2633 A.D. with the advancement of technology nature and science are now in complete harmony and the world is a peaceful place. But beneath this calmness, something is discovered that threatens the existence of all mankind. The Earth Federation Marine Corps while conducting a top-secret investigation discovers about a group of alien invaders that are planning to wipe out human civilization.

So, two marines are assigned with a mission of going in the alien fortress in the Galuga Islands and to see to it that aliens are completely exterminated.

Stages Walkthrough

Stage 1

Stage 1 starts in the jungle by clearing all the obstacles killing all enemies and powering up your guns you are faced with the boss of this stage to destroy the boss just focus your firepower on the entrance until it explodes.

Stage 2

In this stage, you are in the internal passage of the enemy base. Kill all the enemies and torrents and then again focus your firepower on the middle of the wall until it explodes.

Stage 3

This is the stage where you have to climb vertically through the waterfalls. Boss of this stage is a mechanical alien.

Stage 4

The fourth stage is a difficult version of stage 2. The name of the boss of this stage is Terminal 2.

Stage 5

The fifth stage takes place in a snowfield here you have to defeat anti-gravity shuttle to pass on to next stage.

Stage 6

The sixth stage is known as energy zone beware of the flames coming from the pipes. The boss of this stage is an armored giant.

Stage 7

Stage 7 is called hangar study the patterns of mechanical arms to survive the boss is alien lair defense.

Stage 8

The final stage is alien lair here you have to defeat Red Falcon the main boss in order to win the game.

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Contra NES ROM