Contra III: The Alien Wars True Gem Of The Franchise

Neither Game Left Such An Impact As Contra III Did

Contra, one of the greatest titles known to the video game industry. It’s seen a lot, with 14 titles under its belt, and with another release coming in late 2019. Today, we’re going to look at the title that appears to be the most valuable to the franchise: Contra III: The Alien Wars.

Contra 3 gameplay in tank

They hopin’ that they gonna catch me ridin’ dirty.

Contra III: The Alien Wars is definitely the game that’s synonym with SNES ownership. The game was good as scrolling shooter genre got, it just couldn’t be better than this. Recognizable run-and-gun style gameplay packed with action and swarm of enemies, just like the rest of the Contra series. With this game Konami, and the series itself, made transition into 16-bit era. Huge step at that time. This can be seen instantly as you start the game, as visuals have been significantly improved. Beside that, gameplay got some neat twists which we we’ll talk about later. Environment has seen some changes as well where jungle themed landscapes became post-apocalyptic city full of alien invaders.

Stage & Enemy Design To Remember

Contra III picks up where every other game from the series picks up. Red Falcon invasion is on the rise and Bill and Lance – or Jimbo and Sully (North America) – are here to save the Earth. No need to mention that game is wicked hard, but there’s a catch. You see, Konami made sure that gamers will remember this game by disabling famous Konami code. This made game much harder, like it wasn’t hard enough so far. There’s an option to add 7 lives before you start the game, but that’s pretty much it. The action is always raging but this time it all looks like 80s big budget Hollywood film.

Contra III The Alien Wars gameplay footage

Nothing can stand on Bill Rizers Way.

You’ll take on terminator-inspired robots and various alien forms all that in post-apocalyptic hostile environment. The visuals are astonishing in this game. The details and the sprites still look amazing even today (keep in mind it was released in 1992) and the special effects still impress. Music is work of art in itself as it becomes instantly very memorable. Controls are done really good and players are maneuverable like never before. Climbing walls, grabbing onto railings and generally interaction with environment is something that Contra III really implemented.

The True Legend

Lets get to the meat of this. Why is Contra III: The Alien Wars so important to the franchise? Not only did it increase in popularity of the Franchise, reaching above 90% ratings for several magazines, including Mega Zone, Mean Machines, and Zero, it also was the base for many sequels of the franchise such as Contra: Rogue Corps for release on the 24th.

This installment made the Contra series popular again, reaching ratings above Contra 1987. Thanks to the SNES’s mode 7, sprites were well implemented. Even the music needed and upgrade. Nazatako Believed the game had a low-budget movie feel. He also felt that Contra I was too realistic, so Contra III was made less realistic and more comical. Fans loved it instead of what Nazatako initially thought. The comical part was done by several scenes, one of which having the main protagonist hanging off a flying rocket. When it was released in Europe they named it Super Probotector: Alien Rebels. Characters were replaced by robots due to restrictions and the game played slower due to PAL standards.

Go Down The Memory Lane With Contra III: The Alien Wars

Contra III: The Alien Wars is by no doubt the best installment in the Contra series. It will always be known for being the revival of the original Contra from 1987. No need to mention that it brought more exacting gameplay, despite having only six levels.
In case you want to go down the memory lane give good old Contra III a go we got download prepared for you. If you by any chance never played this game before we strongly recommend you to give it a try. Playing on modern devices will require you to use emulators. In case you’re not familiar with that term, we strongly recommend you to read this great guide by