Can You Beat Them All? Full List Of Contra Bosses

Throughout the Contra series you will encounter many bosses on your way to beat the game. Like the game isn’t hard enough itself, Red Falcon strongest representatives made sure to give you a little bit more of a hard time. Needless to say they are really hard to beat, but the level of satisfaction you get once you beat them is totally worth it. Here we listed all Contra bosses that appear throughout the series so you know what’s coming your way once you start this bullet-fest adventure.

Before we move onto bosses, we’ll dedicate few words to army they belong to. The Red Falcon is a military organization that arrived to Earth in 2633 AD with one goal – to conquer our planet! It was later revealed that true intention of invasion was retrieving stolen artifact that belonged to them. Army is mostly composed of brainwashed humans, which are well-armed by the way, and backed up with various alien lifeforms. The conflict will eventually culminate to intergalactic scale (Alien Wars) and it’s up to you to save the planet. Having this in mind lock-and-load you weapons as you go through this article since Red Falcon never sleeps!


Contra Boss JavaFull Name: Emperor Demon Dragon God Java

AKA (Depending on the region): Red Falcon, Para-Slug, Jappa

Well remembered by players of original Contra game from 1987. Java is introduced as first main boss in the series, and it will appear throughout it numerous times. Actually identified as two separate bosses, since his heart will appear as separate boss named “Gomeramos King”. He’s highest-ranking member and commander of Red Falcon army and thus he led the first alien invasion attempt in 2633 AD.

Gomeramos King

Contra Boss Gomeramos King

Full Name: Heaven King Demon-Breeding Heart Gomeramos King

AKA (Depending on the region): Tennō Sōma-shin, Alien Heart

To be honest I haven’t kept count, but I’m pretty sure this one of the bosses that appears most frequently throughout the series. Mentioned before, this is the heart of main antagonist known as Java. It’s still beating regardless of it’s owners death. It’s actually the last boss in the original Contra game, coming right after Java, and as such it’s the main antagonist of the series.

Defense Wall

Contra Boss Defense Wall

Full Name: Defense Wall (respectively)

AKA (Depending on the region): Chūkan Yōsai (Middle Fort), Shock Cannon, Underground Fort, Wave Cannon

One of the most iconic bosses of the series since it appeared in almost all games, if not all. Tall metal structure mounted with canons which appears either as a final boss or mini-boss in earlier stages. It has energy core which acts as weak spot and only way you can defeat it is to shoot him there. It stayed passive throughout the early stages of series but it was given certain abilities starting from Contra 4.


Contra Boss Dogra

Full Name: Heavy Armored Sweeping Vehicle Dogra

AKA (Depending on the region): Jū Sōkō Sōtō-sha Dogura, Armored Raid Vehicle

Well known heavy armored tank first seen at the stage of Snow Field in original Contra 1987 game. Don’t let the fact that this is mini-boss fool you. It’s still fairly hard to beat, and once you actually beat him there’s surprise coming up. Shortly after you destroy the first tank, second will follow-up and take his place. Keep in mind that this is a timed fight so you want to destroy Dogra as soon as possible.


Contra Boss Guldaf

Full Name: High Speed Anti-Gravity Hover Guldaf

AKA (Depending on the region): Kōsoku Han Jūryoku Hobā Gurudafu

What’s that hovering over the sky above you? You’ve guessed it – it’s Guldaf! Well known Contra boss most famous for his ability to deploy Red Falcon infantry units (Necroid). Depending on the version of the game you’re playing, it will either fly around and cause you trouble, or even worse, teleport from place to place. It’s featured in Contra: Evolution and Contra: Force keeping the same name but getting different style and abilities.


Contra Boss Garmakilma

Full Name: Lone Inflammatory Eye Garmakilma

AKA (Depending on the region): Doku-en Me Garumakiruma, Defense System Ocular Fire

Intruders are not welcome if you ask Garmakilma. If someone still tries to go through it will be welcomed by swarm of fire rings. It has to be taken down by destroying it piece-by-piece. This mean you will have to destroy four of it’s power cores before you can beat it. I strongly advise you to destroy cannons protecting it as well, although this is not mandatory. Wide range weapons will do best against this boss such as Spread Gun.