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Contra Central is the best place to download Contra 3 ROM. Dedicated to the franchise which has given every childhood the great joy and exciting gameplay experience. Created by the Japanese company and prominent title as the run and gun genre. The game has numerous stages which will give goose-bumps and next level satisfaction when the player will complete the stage.

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Contra III: The Alien Wars ROM

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The Japanese game creator is taking advantage of new technologies and enhancing the graphics of the game so that the gamer gets the best experience of gameplay. Experience the best gameplay with Contra 3 ROM.

In Contra 3 the player can grab the poles, climb walls and ladders and destroy the buildings and commander tanks. The new update in Contra 3 involves the new motorcycles chases and riding on the missile. The player has new weapons to eliminate the enemies and can carry two weapons at a time instead of one. The player can perform different stunts such as spin jump, firing in a circular pattern that hit the enemies on all sides.

The player can select the number of lives when they start the game (three, five and seven) the number of lives the more difficult level will increase. The player has the cheat codes that allow them to choose the stages and access to the sound test.

The ending will push the player to play the game by increasing the difficulty. If you have ended the game in normal or easy mode at the end you will see the message request to try the highest difficulty mode. The true ending of the game will reveal after the player has finished the game in highest difficulty mode.

What is the plot that the game revolves around?

Contra III The Alien Wars gameplay footage

The story of the video game is set in the future 27th century. Supposedly, there is a war that has broken out between the humans and an army of alien beings that want to invade and take control of the earth. However, two fierce and skilled fighters or commandos namely Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, who are the members of a guerrilla force team, take up the mission to combat and get rid of this alien race. To complete the game you will have to go through six super-exciting stages.

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Contra III: The Alien Wars ROM

At the end of every stage there is a boss battle which is at least to say “not easy”. I used this term just not to scare you off, since stage endings are super hard actually, even for experienced players. Not saying that a little bit of practice won’t get you through the next stage and eventually the game.

Contra III: The Alien Wars Stages

  • Stage 1: Occupied City
  • Stage 2: Expressway
  • Stage 3: Industrial Area
  • Stage 4: Motorcycles Chase And Aerial Combat
  • Stage 5: Cliff
  • Stage 6: Final Alien Base

There were some other later versions of games which slightly deviated from this storyline but the main theme plot has always been the same.

What are the main apparent features of Contra 3 SNES Rom?

Contra III The Alien Wars gameplay footage 2

There are a number of standout features which entice the players and make them a fan instantly. The Contra 3 SNES ROM is a classic run and shoot game that was initially released on the super Nintendo system of entertainment, in the year 1992, owned and published by a Japanese giant. Some of its main features can be understood as mentioned below:

  • A complex level design: Each level is quite complex and features a variety of facets and elements such as buildings, trees, walls, poles and so on. This gives the player to effectively interact with the surroundings and make use of all of these objects for initiating action in the game. You can jump, break and climb walls, use ladders, crumble the buildings and so on.
  • Level of difficulty: You can play the game on three different levels, namely, easy, normal, and hard. As the level increases, certain aspects of the game increase along with it. For example, on the beginner level, the fighting skills and tactics of the enemies will be much easier, however, as the levels proceed, the skill set, combat techniques and tactics of the enemies will modify.
  • Weapon selection: There is a wide range of weapons that the players can choose from and make the game more adventurous such as a variety of guns of varied sizes and intensity, missiles, rocket launchers, helium bombs, grenades, crush guns, homing guns, fire guns and so on the intensity of the weapons also change along with the difficulty level of the game.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the classic run-and-gun game now on your device and get on the journey to combat the enemy race and wipe out their existence once and for all. In case you are fun of scrolling shooters like this one, there’s bunch of them in Contra series. Make sure to check out our detailed article where we analysed each game from this franchise.

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Contra III: The Alien Wars ROM