Contra Not Contra: Contra 2028

I’ve been reached numerous times with questions about Contra 2028. Title of the game is really confusing since we’ve used to Contra titles being part of the Contra series. Needless to say that this game doesn’t have anything to do with the series. I wish they named it different rather than Contra since I can’t see no real similarities between the two games. Anyways I decided to write this article and clear every confusion behind this game.

What Is Contra 2028?

I guess idea for the title of the game came from gameplay and storyline itself. It’s third person shooter packed with action where you fight against, you’ve guessed it – aliens! Created in Unreal Engine 4 in just 8 weeks with initial idea to produce reboot of original Contra NES game. Result of developer efforts is Contra 2028 which reminds me more of Vanquish rather than Contra to be honest.

Considering it took only 8 weeks to create results are pretty good. Not just that, but it was developed by 8 students from scratch. Having in mind that this is student project I strongly recommend to temper your expectations and be realistic. I played the game for a bit and I can say I was surprised by the game since it took only two months to make, which is impressive. In case you want to try it out it’s available to download on developers website.


Game features hyper-jump mechanic and ability to slow time, similar to Vanquish. Player is able to use turrets and few other weapons in order to kill aliens. It consists of only one level, but considering the time-frame that was given to students, it’s more than enough. Here’s the video of the actual gameplay.

Contra 2028 System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 64bit or higher
Graphic: GTX Geforce 560/Radeon HD 6950 or better
RAM: 4 GB or more
Processor: Quad Core 3+ GHz or better

I hope this short article removed any doubts regarding origin of Contra 2028. It most definitely isn’t part of Konami’s legendary Contra series, but it’s still worth playing. I mean it’s free and it will give you around an hour of quality play time which isn’t bad. Even though I don’t like this game being named Contra, just because all of the confusion I still give tribute to the students that created it. Great job!